Passover Seder Match

Fulfill one of the mitzvot of the holiday that we recite at the very beginning of the seder liturgy, “Kol Dichfin Yesei V’Yeichal; Kol Ditzrich Yesei V’Yifsach”, “All who are hungry let them come and eat; all who are needy let them come and celebrate.”

Our Passover Seder Match program enables our members who need a place to go for either the first or second seder to share with other members who choose to fulfill the mitzvah of Kol Dichfin by opening their homes.

Please register (below) by March 29, so guests and hosts can be notified.

Questions? Please contact Nate Birnbaum, Religious Life Committee

Passover Seder Match Registration Form

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I would like to participate at the: First Seder (Fri 4/19)Second Seder (Sat 4/20)
I am interested in: Being a hostBeing a guest
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Are you willing to host a family with children? Yes, with childrenNo, I prefer no children
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Do you have a Vegan home? YesNo
Do you serve Kitniyot (beans, legumes) at your seder? YesNo
I have the following type(s) of pet(s) dogcat
If you are interested in being a GUEST
Do you keep Kosher? YesNo
Are you a Vegetarian? YesNo
Are you a Vegan? YesNo
Do you eat Kitniyot (beans, legumes) during passover? YesNo

Does anyone in your family have any allergies we should know about?
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