Join the Jewish Conversation

All 6th grade families participate in this fabulous program designed to build Jewish identity, friendships, community, and meaningful conversation.

I. Torah: The Jewish Conversation

Becoming a Jewish adult means assembling the spiritual tool kit you will use for the rest of your life. You need to know how to read Torah and lead prayers. You need to know about Shabbat and Jewish history. But you also need to see yourself as a participant in the adult Jewish community. That means it’s time for you to Join the Jewish Conversation.

What are your Jewish values? How do you prioritize your time? What makes a successful Jewish adult? What are your responsibilities in the world?

Starting this January, we will gather on Sundays or Tuesdays to explore these and many more questions. Each session will begin with food and an opportunity to get to know the families in your cohort, and then will transition into a meaningful, discussion-based curriculum led by clergy and staff.

Choose to attend either on Sundays (January 6, 13, 27 and February 3) from 9:30-11:00 am or Tuesdays (January 8, 15, 29, and February 5) from 6:00-7:30 pm

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II. Avodah: Shabbat

Shabbat Dinner – Friday, November 30th: This is an opportunity to get to know the other families in your cohort, enjoy fabulous shabbat services, delicious food, and to play games together after dinner. This evening is always a highlight!

Celebratory Shabbaton – Shabbat morning, March 2nd: After we finish Join the Jewish Conversation, this is the opportunity to come celebrate. We’ll have a special Aliyah during Shabbat morning services, a sweet kiddush luncheon, and activities for families to mark this important milestone.

III. G’milut Hasadim: Shared Energy for Tikkun Olam!

Our rabbis teach that each of us is deployed to this planet on a spiritual mission. God sends us into a broken world, filled with unique skills and the capacity to do the work of tikkun olam, the work of repair. Becoming a Jewish adult means assuming this responsibility. That’s why we take on projects of service.

As you enter into this year of study and begin to prepare for your bar or bat mitzvah, what is one area of brokenness that you would like to help fix?