Hartman Institute Study Trip – Deadlines

Hartman Institute Study Trip – Deadlines

Deadlines for our 2020 Trip

Interested in Attending?

Please let Trip Chairs Amy Klein and Brian Lefsky know as soon as possible!

As soon as possible

Let Hartman Trip Chairs know if you are interested in attending Hartman this summer. No payment is due at this time, but we need to set aside rooms in the hotel block. You can cancel the room without penalty until June 1, but we want to be sure we secure enough rooms at the block rate for those seriously considering attending so please do not delay!

December 15

Let Hartman Trip Chairs know if you are interested in a block room at the Inbal Hotel (there is more flexibility at the Prima Royale). Although no payment is due at this time, we need to set aside rooms in the Inbal hotel block for our group.

January 15

Let Chairs know your Hotel Preference (if you want to be part of the Hartman discounted rate hotel block*) as soon as possible. Changes are possible beyond this date, but to insure the Hartman room block is large enough, we need to know your hotel preference as soon as possible.

* Let us know if you’re interested in information on other accommodations.

February 16

Deadline to confirm hotel arrival and departure dates at Hartman block hotels (no payment due). After this date, Hartman releases the block rooms to other non-Temple Emanuel participants in the Community Leadership Program.

* Cancellation with full refund is available through June 1.

March 1 (or when available)

Let chairs know your flight information with arrival and departure dates in Israel as soon as they are available.


Participants book their own flights. Flights to Israel at the end of June fill up quickly, and the price of airfare increases as the flight date approaches. You will want to make flight reservations as soon as possible!

Please let Chairs know your Flight details to/from Israel. Most of us will be arriving by Tuesday, June 23 and should plan to reserve a room in Jerusalem from Tuesday night, June 23 through Tuesday, June 30.

Hartman Institute Registration for Community Leadership Summer Study Retreat

In November, Hartman opens on-line registration. Be sure to note you are part of the Temple Emanuel group when you register so you will get our discounted group rate. The Hartman program begins late afternoon on Wednesday June 24, 2020 and concludes on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 2:00 pm, followed by a Temple Emanuel wrap-up that will end by 3:00.

Tiyulim (Excursions)

Activities for Temple Emanuel participants during study program breaks – We plan to arrange outings for interested Temple Emanuel participants on the day the program begins and during a few of the afternoon study breaks. These are optional trips for our Temple Emanuel group only.

Questions? Please contact Trip Chairs Amy Klein and Brian Lefsky with any questions, and to let us know if you’re planning to come with us to Israel this summer!