Israel Travel Resources


In addition to our study trip to the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem this summer, there are many other opportunities to go to Israel. Here are several to explore:


Sar El – Volunteers for Israel places adults on army bases for 1, 2 or 3 week stints. The work is varied and flexible and is not generally physically taxing. The cost is low – there is a small application fee, and the volunteers are responsible for getting to Israel and for their lodging and food costs over the weekend.

Meals and accommodations on the base are free.

Sar El is a great blend of camaraderie, work, tours, and lectures on Israeli history, culture and politics.  There is often an ulpan option during the 2 and 3 week programs. It’s an extraordinary experience and, among its strengths, is its appeal to people of all ages, from 18-85.

Temple Emanuel contact: Merle Hass

CAARI Canadian American Active Retirees in Israel. This program is designed for active people, aged 50 or over. “The Program offers active seniors an opportunity to contribute to Israeli society through a community service program and develop an appreciation and knowledge of the country, its people, history and the work of JNF.  Participants work in the community and JNF forests, tour the country, visit historical sites, meet Israelis socially and learn about Israel’s issues and challenges.  In addition,
participants will witness JNF’s contributions to the development of Israel and to improving the quality of life of the people.”

Participants visit Israel for 2-7 weeks programs from January through February.

Temple Emanuel contact: Roberta Jacobs

Skilled Volunteers for Israel – Export Your Expertise

Volunteer in Israel. For Israel.

Skilled Volunteers for Israel matches experienced professionals with meaningful skilled volunteer opportunities in Israel. We link the expertise of North American Jews with the critical needs of Israel through limited-term volunteer engagements. Volunteer to meet a need that’s been identified by our partners or we will design an opportunity for you based on your skills and interests.

CJP Boston-Haifa Connection Vacation with a Soul – Several years ago an exciting program for volunteering in Haifa was instituted.  Each time the volunteers return from their mission they bring home with them indelible memories of their time in our sister city.  As retired or semi-retired people, they had the time and energy needed to commit to a four & 1/2 week program and a powerful commitment to helping our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Our mission is a ‘vacation with soul’. Why not visit Haifa next winter instead of Florida?

Give us your name and we’ll let you know when the application phase begins. A new group of volunteers, as in the past, will spend four days a week volunteering on projects based on their individual backgrounds, skills and interests – with children, the elderly and other vulnerable populations, while growing their Hebrew skills during a twice weekly ulpan class. They will also be free three days a week to explore and experience the wonders of Israel.  Weekend trips to Jerusalem or any other area can easily be arranged.

If you or any of your friends have any questions,  please call Steve Doppelt.

You might enjoy viewing an eighteen minute video taken during our 2nd mission to Haifa.

Taglit-Birthright Israel Taglit-Birthright Israel provides the gift of first time, peer group, educational trips to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 26. Taglit-Birthright Israel’s founders created this program to send thousands of young Jewish adults from all over the world to Israel as a gift in order to diminish the growing division between Israel and Jewish communities around the world; to strengthen the sense of solidarity among world Jewry; and to strengthen participants’ personal Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish people. Click here for more information about trips and CJP’s initiatives on Boston area campuses.

Do you know a young adult who graduated from college without making it to Israel?

CJP offers a special Taglit-Birthright Israel trip for young professionals (ages 22-26) in the greater Boston area. Registration opens on February 15th (or the 14th for those who previously applied). Trips available for current college students as well! Find out more and Go to Israel!

Israel Pathways – MASA Israel Experiences

Israel Pathways is an official provider of Masa-funded long term Israel programs offering 5-10 month experiences in Israel for adventure seekers, students and aspiring professionals. Eligible participants receive a minimum grant of $3,000 for a 5-month program and $4,500 for a 10 month program.

Whether you are seeking an alternative path, an opportunity to boost your resume, or a change of pace in your career track, Israel Pathways challenges you to broaden your horizons in Israel with other like-minded adults, ages 18-30. Choose your path and start your journey. Learn more …

CJP Women’s Philanthropy Mission – Heart to Heart: A Woman’s Journey to Israel – February (5 days)

Join a group of smart, motivated women from across North America and Israel on a unique journey to feed your soul and engage your mind. Spend five days traveling Israel, meeting with women making their world a better place and par hands-on programs that are changing the face of Israeli society and helping those most at risk. Return home invigorated and empowered, ready to put it all into action in your community.  Learn more …

Israel Ministry of Tourism – Visit their website for more information about travel to Israel.