Israel Bonds: A New Approach for a New Year

Dear Friends:

I have a friend who buys Israel Bonds every Rosh Hashanah. One year I asked him: why are you still buying Israel Bonds? It is not the 1950s anymore. Israel was a fledgling nation then. It needed our help back in the day. Israel Bonds made sense back then. But today? Israel is strong and prosperous. Israel is start up nation. Does Israel need you to buy that bond today? I’ll never forget his answer.

He said: when I was a young man, in my 20s and 30s, my grandfather used to still give me Hanukkah gelt, even more gelt than he used to give me when I was a boy. I said to him Papa, why are you still giving me Hanukkah gelt? I am self-sufficient. I don’t need the money anymore. He said to me: You don’t need the money like you once did. But I need to give it to you. It is a gesture of love. It is my way of saying to you that even though we don’t see each other every day, even though we live in different cities, I am thinking about you and our relationship is and will always be so important to me. My friend continued: That’s why I still give my adult grandchildren Hanukkah gelt. And that’s why I still buy Israel Bonds every year. Because of love.

This has been a challenged season. But our love for Israel, our connection to Israel, remain eternal, transcending the storms and squalls of the politics of the day. For 2,000 years our people did not have a home. Now we do. The headlines can be maddening. But a Jewish homeland in our lifetime is a miracle to which we pay heed.

Together with Israel Bonds we are trying something new this year. Our appeal will be conducted with no tab-cards, no envelopes and no collection boxes – in short an all-digital event. If you are so moved, consider learning more about Israel Bonds. A licensed registered representative from Development Corporation for Israel can assist you with all your questions and your investment, Donna.Karsh. Indicate your interest in investing here.

Israel Bonds continue to strengthen Israel’s economy. And buying an Israel bond is a gesture of love. Mady Donoff, our President, Steve Grossman, who so passionately spoke about Israel Bonds on the bimah for so many years, and I are all grateful for your consideration.

May our beloved eretz yisrael be inscribed for a year of strength and security, and peace and serenity for all of her inhabitants. May each of us find our own way to connect to the miracle that is Israel, our people’s eternal homeland.

Shana Tova,
Rabbi Wes Gardenswartz